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Top Ten Reasons I’m Never Throwing A Massive Dinner Party Ever Again.

Recently I decided that I was renouncing christmas and celebrating thanksgiving instead it was also a good excuse to break in the oven in the new house I’d just moved into. #10. The Idea “I’m going to throw a thanksgiving dinner this year I think!” I said casually to my group of friends. They were … Continue reading

Lazy, Lazy, Krystal

Well not exactly lazy but preoccupied with moving house and getting everything settled. but now nearly everything is done and i have stopped travelling i can start cooking more at home and share everything with all of you. Having said that, here’s something I prepared earlier: I’ve never been much of a breakfast person. or … Continue reading

Beef & Basil Cream Tartlets with Balsamic Roast Tomatoes.

There are a few things i’m a sucker for first is roast tomatoes i don’t like them fresh but put them in the oven for an hour and they’re heaven. second is miniature tart shells they’re adorable and you can do almost anything with them. The third is thinly sliced steak, it came about when … Continue reading

Roast Chicken, Pear & White Wine Risotto

This venture started out wondering what to do with my left over wine. and spotting some chicken in the freezer the cogs began to churn from then. One chicken breast. 1TBS Butter 3/4 cup Arborio rice 1L chicken stock 1 cup White Wine (i used a sweeter wine it teams well with the sweetness of … Continue reading

A little bit of customer service goes a long way.

To say i like sushi would be the understatement of the century. I live off of the stuff. I went shopping today for a number of things I’ll be unable to fit in my suitcase when i finally come home. While at the shopping centre i decided to stop in at the centre’s sushi train … Continue reading

Peasants Food.

I grew up on a rather tight budget and to make food stretch a little further mum used to make a lot of very hearty food that could always be turned into something else the next night so a lot of mince got turned from spaghetti into pies. Last night’s mashed potato and roast pumpkin? … Continue reading

Adventures In Cupcakes

I know I haven’t been posting much of late but since joining I’ve been a little transient. once I settle into one place I promise you’ll be hearing more from me however I haven’t just been sitting idle I have been doing stuff! between work and touristing I was a little disappointed that I’d missed … Continue reading

Krystal’s Stolen Breakfast.

Just a quick story of my recent experiences. Sometime in the afternoon I felt a bit peckish and seeing the remains of a weeks worth of shopping I started to see what I could make/have. Upon seeing a half eaten packed of turkey lunch meat, gears turned in my head as I thought back to … Continue reading

Roast Maple Pork Fillet With Mustard Aioli Potatoes.

A friend once tried to describe me as opposed to a “normal” person as this: “A normal person will have a slice of cake and think. “This is good cake I might have another slice of cake.” Krystal on the other hand thinks. “This is good cake I should learn to make this cake so … Continue reading

Stew Is a Sometimes Food.

My ex flatmate moved to NZ and I’d stayed there for a few months hoping to do a hairdressing course before the earthquake hit and my potential school was closed off to the public by the army as it was in the CBD. This is the same house from my quiche entry so a full … Continue reading


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