I love food, I find it a way to bring the people I love over one common concept. I love experimenting and trying new ideas.
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sexy eggs with chorizo crumb + warm roasted capsicum and kale salsa

Is there anything more beautiful than perfect poached eggs? Maybe.. but it’s up there on the list with fresh truffles, rainy days, the smell of grass, newborn babies, diamonds. It takes a fair few disaster trials before you master the perfect poached eggs, but when you do, you will realize that they pretty much go … Continue reading

lamb neck, kale and potato pasties

Pasties are one of my favourite comfort foods. I was under the firm belief that my Nanny makes the best pasties, but, sorry Nanny, these may just top them. ** Pre-heat oven to 160*C Ingredients: – 1kg of lamb neck rosettes – 2 tablespoons of plain flour – 2 medium red skinned potatoes, cubed – … Continue reading

50 cloves of garlic – soup

Who doesn’t loooove garlic ? No, seriously, who ? Garlic is pretty special if you ask me. It’s considered as one of natures original wonder drugs :D and this is due to an active compound called allicin. According to online healthy life ambassadors ‘Natural Society’ dot com “A mere one milligram of allicin is nearly … Continue reading

strawberry tart – tarte aux fraises

Strawberries are back people – and they are so cheap – I picked up 500g yesterday for $2.00. They were sweet and delicious with the lush red skin and soft flesh, not sour and tasteless. It’s ideal to use fresh berries for this, at their most ripe too ! One of my favourite flavour combos … Continue reading

gluten free vanilla and raspberry cupcakes with rose buttercream frosting

I made these last night as a birthday cake alternative for my mother-in-law. I think gluten free food needs to be pretty and not have such a stigma attached to it as being boring. What’s prettier than a red rose ? I find them seductively beautiful; the smell, the velvety feel of their petals, the … Continue reading

hot cakes

I have always admired fluffy hot cakes, similar to the ones they serve at McDonald’s (eek). But these are even better. Ingredients 1 1/2 cups of full cream milk 3 tablespoons of sugar 1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour /4 baking powder 1 large egg your desired amount of vanilla essence or vanilla bean paste 1. … Continue reading

Cheeky Bacon Doughnuts

A naughty breakfast treat!! Smokey Bacon Sugar – 250g of good quallity smokey streaky bacon, cut into thin strips – 1 cup of caster sugar – sprinkle of cinnamon Doughnut Batter – 350g self raising flour – 100g of bacon sugar – 1 whole large egg + 2 egg whites – 1 cup of milk … Continue reading


I am 548 days, or 1 year, 5 months, and 30 days til my official finish date of my apprenticeship. To say it’s long is an understatement, I am again beginning to feel like this is never ending.. I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy, it’s not all cupcakes and chips with aioli. It’s … Continue reading

why I love menu changes

I love new menu changes. Call me weird, that’s cool. Here is why I love menu changes… 1. New seasons bring seasonal produce. It’s mid Autumn here at the moment :) Veggies like celeriac, parsnip, kale, silverbeet and sweet potatoes are all in season. Autumn//Winter happen to be my favourite seasons for food.. it’s all … Continue reading

no meat monday: kinda pad thai with spicy peanut sauce

A really simple cheat version of pad thai. Easy for weeknight dinners, and makes enough to have left overs for lunch and dinner :D Ingredients: – 300g rice noodles – 1 cup raw snow peas, cut on the diagonal – 1 cup of bean sprouts – 3/4 cup of toasted peanuts – 1 long red … Continue reading


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