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Not everything you make can be successful

I have a bad habit of cruising recipe books whenever I enter a book store.
I spot one I like.


So I buy the fondue book and a few days later buy an awesome savoury fondue set that needs kerosene to work. I try it out, works awesomely!

Assbutt and I used to have dinner with a couple of friends every Tuesday night and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

I pick a recipe that I like and head to the shop. Though they don’t have any of the cheese that the recipe calls for. So I grab the cheeses I like instead.

The recipe called for white wine but the people I was cooking for were allergic to alcohol. So sparkling white grape juice Note: Not the same thing, fondue actually needs alcohol to work….

So I get there and I make up the meat, veges, and bread to put in the fondue,
I pour the wine in and the first of the cheese. The smell is awful god freaking awful but I can salvage this!! MOAR CHEESE!…….. No, I couldn’t.
It was bad….very bad. I am ashamed that, that hunk of burnt, foul tasting and smelling gloop came from my hand. Since then the fondue kit has been tucked away and hasn’t been pulled out since.

I’m still wondering how they managed to get rid of that god damn smell. Have you ever smelt burnt cheese mixed with hot wine? It’s enough to leave you gagging. One of my friends literally retreated to the other end of the house to attempt to get away from the smell.

One day I’ll find a better recipe and attempt it again but not for a good while yet.




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